Florida Members: Protect your wages! Help us defeat SB534

Florida Senate Bill 534 represents one of the biggest threats to local control and working families this session. This bill creates sweeping new preemptions on local governments, restricting their ability to enact and enforce local ordinances designed to help workers and local economic development efforts. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday March 22nd, your state senators will be voting on SB 534, a bill that would eliminate local living wage laws and prohibit local governments from passing worker friendly ordinances in their communities on public works projects. 

After passing it's first committee, SB 534 reaches it's next stop tomorrow in the Senate Governmental Oversight and Accountability committee giving us another opportunity to stop this bad bill before it reaches the Senate floor. 

Call the following senators and ask them to Vote NO on SB 534

Dennis Baxley, Chair, (850) 487-5012

Frank Artiles, Vice Chair, (850) 487-5040

Bill Galvano, (850) 487-5021

Denise Grimsley, (850) 487-5026

Kevin Rader, (850) 487-5029

Darryl Robson, (850) 487-5019

Linda Stewart, (850) 487-5013

SB 534 would make local living wage, prevailing wage, apprenticeship program requirements and other ordinances illegal on public works projects.

Aside from being a massive overreach by Tallahassee into the decisions of local governments, this bill boils down to a pay cut for thousands of workers across the state. Call the state senators above and leave them with the message that you reject any attempts to limit local cities from passing pro-worker ordinances.

If one of the legislators above is your local senator, be sure to let them know that you are their constituent and stand strongly opposed to SB 534.

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