Celebrating Safety Week - Every Day

This is national Safety Week - a time established by OSHA for all of us, regardless of our roles in the construction industry, to stop and consider what we can each do to ensure a safe job site. Safety is not just a belief for Southern States Millwrights and our contractors or even part of the task list. It’s the overriding principle for accomplishing our work.

A large part of Safety Week is the Stop Falls Stand-Down program to raise awareness about preventing fall hazards in construction. Falls are still by far the leading cause of construction worker deaths, yet lack of adequate fall protection continues to top the list of OSHA’s most frequently cited violations. In fact, three of the top ten most frequently cited violations in 2014 were in construction, and all involved fall hazards: fall protection (#1), scaffolding (#3), and ladders (#7).

Learn more about our standards and principles concerning safety.

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