Virtual Welding Adds to Training Capabilities

A key strategy to keep the skills of Southern States Millwrights sharp is keeping the instructional capabilities of its training instructors even sharper. UBC instructors from across North America have access to more than 100 train-the-trainer courses taught more than 300 times a year at the UBC’s International Training Center in Las Vegas. 

Instructors are taught according to evolving industry needs and technology. Training is specialized, relevant and designed to meet real-world challenges presented by contractors, manufacturers and the end user. These instructors then bring that experience back to their home membership training programs.

Florida welding instructor Tim Hurd, a member of SSMRC Local 1000, is a near four-decade veteran millwright. He recently benefitted from the UBC’s training capabilities by taking a virtual welding class, where he learned to operate the machinery and leverage its benefits to hone the welding skills of Florida millwrights.

Virtual welding is an effective tool because it helps welding instructors provide instant feedback to the trainee during practice without the added expense of expendables.

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